Tuning System

There are a total of 3 forms of transportation available in ROSE Online:


The cart is basically a car. In order to drive a cart you have to complete a quest. The quest can be obtained by anyone level 50 or higher. The cart is owned by the player, and the player can buy better pieces for the car to improve its performance. You can also equip cart weapons.

Castle Gear

(Not implemented yet) Castle gear is what every high level player needs. It is a giant mechanical robot, which the player drives. The player needs to be level 100 in order to drive castle gear. Castle gear is mainly for looks. It is not used to get somewhere fast (like the cart), but it has a massive amount of power, which can become even more if the owner buys new and better weapons for it such as drill arms,punch arms, etc..

Flying Vessel

Unlike Carts and Castle Gears, the Flying Vessel cannot be owned by a user. It is operated by NPCs and ferries players from planet to planet. There's only three planet available now. To an extent, the flying vessel is a prop employed by the game as to create the illusion that the character has traveled or will travel a considerable distance, as the "trip" is accompanied with a post-rendered video of the ship in question traveling towards a planet. The use of this service is provided if the character supplies the NPC who operates the vessel with a sum of in-game currency. A quest must be completed to acquire the ability to use the Flying Vessel (The quest is available when your character reach lvl 40).